Lumia 950 is the first to adopt Windows 10 Mobile, and is also a Microsoft flagship phone.

Mobile Lumia 950 is powered by Microsoft software in it such as office even cloud storage or cloud. As a result, the phone can be said to support the productivity of users.

To know more about this phone, Okezone opportunity to review the Lumia 950.


Starting dr Box. When you buy a Lumia 950, then there are some objects brought in it. In addition to the phone, in the box there is also a USB cable, charger, earphone, manual, and warranty.


Speaking of design, the Lumia 950 has a design is not much different from other Lumia phones like the Lumia 640. Moreover, the material used is the same. Seen from the back panel, the Lumia 950 looks made of plastic, but a little rough.


imagesmany Your FRIENDS  who are married, parents are demanding’m children. Sandwiched by the conditions and demands ultimately make you agreed bid for a friend introduced to her friend.

Sometimes it is so easy to love with someone you do not know close. The problem is, the longer you are bound to it, the longer you meet the right man. collect a sign that you do not really fall in love with a man. Immediately retreat before the wedding bells rang.

Hiding from your friends

You have been in a relationship for three months but not being introduced to friends and family. When dating, you are very worried if it met one of them and tried to cover up the relationship tightly-meeting.

Do not miss it

You did not miss it even if separated for weeks. Instead of longing, you should feel relieved because they do not need to meet him.


When he wants to show signs of wanting to kiss or hug, you quickly dodge.


When the smartphone sound signaling incoming messages, you are deliberately delaying to reply to the message.



Chelsea brand-new purchase, Pedro Eliezer Rodríguez Ledesma immediate attention. In the first game counter West Bromwich Albion, the player signed from Barcelona was impressed by scoring in the 20th minute.

Various praise went up 28-year-old players. Compatriot, Francesc Fabregas also did not want to lose this moment by saying that the arrival of Pedro gives an extra dimension to the London Blue.

It became the first victory Pedro since set foot in Stamford Bridge. The perfect result is also a bidder suffering, following a 0-3 defeat of Manchester City and Swansea City counter draw in the opening match.

“Pedro is outstanding. I immediately knew that he would make a positive impact for this team. He is someone who does not have this team, the players are fast and can get past the defender, can dribble, and dealing one on one, “said Fabregas, as reported Livescore123, Monday (24/08/2015).

“I’ve been informed that the mentality of Pedro incredible and I am glad he is here. In addition, we have Diego (Costa) and Remy, and in my sector is no Eden (Hazard) also Willian, “he continued.


kHollywood entertainment news last week centered on Taylor Swift. Starting from the feud Zayn Malik – Calvin Harris because Taylor, Katy Perry make a song to taunt Taylor until Taylor were afraid to meet Miley Cyrus. The last two we will consider more fully.

Katy and Taylor was known to not like each other mutually. After the song Bad Blood belong to Taylor touted created to satirize Katy, Katy did not want to lose now will make a song to taunt Taylor. Song called Crocodile Tears, which means Crocodile Tears tells the story of people who like to pretend. In this song Katy deliberately took DJ Diplo as producer because the DJ never clashed with Taylor in social media.

Katy would not just attack Taylor. Taylor will be attacked by Miley at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 30. At least it was feared by Taylor. Previously it was reported that Miley had attacked Taylor on her video Bad Blood deemed indulgence in violence. Taylor worried day MTV VMA Miley guide, he will be again attacked by Miley.